The Joys Of Getting Older

When I was in the shower the other day, I realised a little bit more hair was clogging up the drain hole than usual. Upon asking my husband what he thought about the whole thing, he calmly told me that that animals malt regularly and indeed more often at some points throughout the year. While I think this is true for animals, I think this is true to a lesser extent for humans.

I dismissed our conversation and I didn’t think anything further of the matter. After all, I am a busy mother and had to get on with the day and getting the kids off to school and getting to work myself.

Fast forward to yesterday and I had just jumped out of the shower again only to notice that the water wasn’t draining very quickly from the shower recess. Peering into the drainage hole again, I noticed there was more hair than usual AGAIN!

Am I going crazy? Have I always molted this much or am I just being paranoid?

I know that many people prematurely diagnose themselves with a condition using webMD or some similar site they see on Google. But I couldn’t help myself and had to do some research:

Ok, I have to admit that after I did some research, I don’t think that I actually am balding. I think I am overreacting. You have to agree with me however that the notion is very scary to consider as a woman. I know that thousands of middle aged women suffer from this condition, and some even as young as their twenties.

Still, I think its very empowering how many of these young women have taken charge of their lives and haven’t let their condition affect them. Furthermore, these days I feel like the hairpieces and wigs that you can buy are very lifelike and genuine. Look at these ones for example. They seem so lifelike these days and would be much harder to spot.

I must admit, I have started to wonder about whether it would be easier to just shave my head and wear any old wig. You’d be able to have beautiful straight hair and not worry about bad hair days! For $30, it’s very cheap at Wigs Melbourne, not to just order one and give it a try. You can’t lose really!

Anyway, that being said. I think I overreacted and will spare you the drama. There’s enough of that around here anyway!


Finally The New House!

I finally got around to making the video of the house. It really doesn’t do it justice, but you’ll get the general idea anyway. For some reason the quality of the video got really bad when I uploaded it to You Tube. I think maybe the file was too large so it had to compress it? Some rooms are really hard to see because it’s so dark, and it’s all jumpy in a couple of places. And it made my face look really, really weird. I swear that’s not how I really look. Really. Also, the camera picked up all my breathing, so it sounds like I have emphysema. I don’t though, don’t worry. At the end I was carrying Tripp and he weighs nearly 30lbs already, so it got even worse. I had planned to have the house perfectly clean and the kids all prettified, but it wasn’t working so I just went with “normal,” if anything about us can be called normal anyway.

Rules and Regulations

We’ve been working really hard around here to lose that empty house feeling and gain that heartfelt home feeling. Within a week we had most of the house unpacked and decorated. There are still a few things, like the boxes of toys in Maritessa’s room, and Tripp’s room, but it’s pretty much done. And tonight we’ll be having our first party!

I feel like all the hard work has paid off, even though there’s no real pay-off here. But it’s nice to know that all our friends will be here and will be comfortable. We were actually planning to have a New Years Eve party, but that fell through a couple of days before. The men didn’t want to come because they were worried about having to work the next day. I think in reality, they were still recovering from the drunken stupidity of the Christmas Eve party at Kobe. Dumbasses. But we girls all got together and pouted at our men until they agreed to tonight. Heh.

So today I’ll be sweeping and mopping again (again! Shit! I need to do it everyday!), touching up a little last minute cleaning, running to the grocery store for supplies, and making Chinese Dumplings again. The party won’t start until around 11:00 tonight at the earliest. Which is good because it gives me plenty of time to get ready, but it’s bad because I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night. But a bottle of tequila is waiting for me and the girls, and no matter how tired I may be it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Screw It!

How was your Thanksgiving? I cooked macaroni and cheese and mango potato salad for my Mom’s house, and a turkey, gravy, and cranberry sauce for the party we were going to at Kobe later. It was nice spending time with my family, and it was nice going to the party. The kids played and the grown ups got a bit drunk. I didn’t even realize how drunk I was until after we got home. It was all worth it, though!

When we left for my Mom and Dad’s house I didn’t have time to wash the dishes, and there were a lot of them. I had used all the big stuff to prepare the food, there were dishes from breakfast, not to mention crumbs and spills and splatters all over the place. I thought I would be able to catch them up when we got back home, but I fell asleep (or passed out) when I was getting Tripp down. On Friday, my mom wanted me to bring Noah and Maritessa to her house to spend the night. So I brought them over there and thought I would clean up when I got back. But I didn’t. I was tired and recovering from the day before, so I told myself I could do it Saturday morning before Thomas went to work. Saturday
You know what? Screw it. I got up at 7:00 this morning so I could write before anyone woke up. Except Noah got up. And he won’t stop talking to me and interrupting me. I had a decent story to tell, but I can’t do it when I can’t be left alone. I just want to write dammit! This is exactly why I haven’t been doing it much lately. I’m going to post this, but I know it sucks. And it’s unfinished. I’m going back to bed.

Not Moving Day

It’s December 1st, and we’ve made it through a lot lately, haven’t we. Halloween and Thanksgiving, the beginning of fall and Black Friday, and so many other things. One thing that I personally did not make it through is moving. We were supposed to move today. I was supposed to be sleeping in our nice big bedroom that’s on the other side of the house from the kids. But I’ll have to wait until the fifteenth. Actually, we’re going to move on the fourteenth , but still.

I had stopped by the house a week or two ago and they told me there was a problem ordering the new flooring. The owner ordered it, and was trying to pay for it then, but the worker told her to pay when it came in. Then, they went to pick it up and they told her they didn’t order it because she didn’t pay yet. I have to wonder whether or not it was the employee who made the mistake. Anyway, the tile won’t be in until December fourth. They told us the house would be ready by December 15, for sure.

When I got home I called my landlord to ask if it would be okay to stay until then. I talked to Ms. Lucy, the owner. She has Paul, her son, handle everything and he wasn’t there. She told me she would talk to him about it, and that she didn’t know if he had a new renter yet or not. Paul called three days later and told Thomas that we could stay until the fifteenth, but we would have to pay rent for the whole month. Thomas told him that he would have me call him when I got back. I was actually here, just getting Tripp to sleep.

When I got him down I came out of the bedroom and Thomas told me what Paul said. So I called him back. Paul was immediately rude to me. He said the same thing again, and said he doesn’t rent by the week. I told him I wasn’t asking to rent by the week, I just wanted him to prorate it for the days we would be here. He interrupted me and told me that Thomas may put up with me for a little while longer, but he wouldn’t. That he was following the law and that was all he was going to do. I was shocked that he would say that about Thomas. What does he know about us? Nothing. But I was trying to act like an adult and I didn’t tell him off like I wanted to. Then he hung up on me. I called him back and told him I didn’t appreciate it, and that we would be staying until December 15th and that I would be paying him half the rent. So then he said he would just sue me for the rest. I told him to go ahead, I still wasn’t going to pay it. Then he implied that if I don’t pay it, I’ll go to jail, laughed and hung up on me again. He thinks he’s such an important person, and he’s not. He’s nobody. I don’t think a judge will bend the rules to find some reason to put me in jail for him. The only way I could think it would even be possible is if the judge decided to hold me in contempt of court if I don’t pay. I don’t think they do that though.

I’m pretty sure he’s right, legally. But morally, he’s wrong. I know he didn’t already have a renter lined up. It had only been a week between telling him we would move on the first, and calling him back to tell him we would have to wait until the fifteenth. I know no one came to look at the place. I’m nearly positive that no one even came to see the outside. This isn’t a very big city. There are lots of rentals waiting to be leased. Speaking of leases, ours expired on September 26. I don’t know if that will be important later or not. My main thing here is that he was so mean to me about it all. I may have been more willing to stay the whole month if he hadn’t been. I just realized something else. He said he had a renter lined up. That means he would get rent for the whole month from me, plus rent for the last half of the month from the new renter. I don’t think that will stand up in court.

Every time I’ve asked Paul to fix anything he wouldn’t. The lease says I’m responsible to all repairs. I thought that meant things we broke though. Not general upkeep and maintenance of the structure. When Brandon beat up Leslie I told Paul that I don’t feel safe because Brandon is mad at me for helping her. He just blew it off. When I told him that we would move if he didn’t do anything about it, he said he hated to see us go, but he wasn’t going to get involved in it. The lease says you can’t do anything illegal, that includes assault and battery. And drugs. There are lots of other issues, that I don’t want to go into yet. I’ll tell you about them when, and if, we go to court.

Today is the first and he’s supposed to come get the rent. He had told me that if I don’t pay the full amount he won’t accept it. I wonder if he will. I’m going to try to pay it. If he won’t take it, I’ll send it to him through Certified Mail. If he still won’t take it, at least I’ll have proof that I tried. I’m nervous about it all. I could care less what Paul thinks of me. But I really don’t want to go to court. And I really really don’t want to go to jail.

The Origin of Men’s Cologne Explained

This morning I got up extra early so I could go to the gym and the grocery store before I had to be back so Thomas could go to work. When I went into the bedroom to get dressed, Thomas and Tripp woke up. I was talking with Thomas a little as I put on my sports bra and tee shirt. Then I found my workout pants and slipped them on. I was about to put my socks on when I remembered something and took my pants back off.

“What are you doing?” Thomas said.

“I’m changing my panties.”

“Eww. Why are you putting on your grandma’s panties?”

“Baby, they’re granny panties. I have to wear these because it’s uncomfortable to workout in a thong. Besides, they don’t help much when I’m sweating.”

I looked at Thomas and he had a slightly blank, slightly disgusted look on his face. You’d think after four years of marriage, he would have realized some things about me, and about the female anatomy.

“Oh. Okay. That’s kind of gross, Wendy.”

“What? Are you trying to tell me you don’t sweat? How about when you’re outside hitting the bag and you’re pouring sweat. Your balls don’t sweat?”

“No, it’s not sweat. That’s where Axe Body Spray comes from.”

And That’s Why Tripp Needs a Room of his Own

Thomas was off yesterday and we spent most of the days with our hands down each other’s pants. I’m not even joking. Every chance we had, we were feeling each other up like a couple of teenagers. He even groped me in the fitting room at Old Navy. We went on like that all day, so by the time we were able to go to bed, we were both ready to explode.
Before I go any further, let me remind you of the layout in the bedroom. It’s tiny. We have a queen sized bed, so there’s no room for Tripp’s crib. That means we had to put his mattress on the floor and wedge it between our bed and the dresser. Most of the time it works out well because if he wakes up in the night, all I have to do is reach down to get him back to sleep.
On with the story though!
We watched a couple of movies together and Thomas drank a few beers, and I had about 3/4 of a bottle of wine. We were feeling quite nice when we decided to go to bed. I brushed my teeth and washed up and got in bed to wait for Thomas. I deliberately left my button up shirt on, just for fun. When he finished getting ready for bed, he came into the room, turned the overhead light way down low, and jumped into the bed. We heard Tripp move around because of it, so we froze and held our breath until we were sure he was sleeping again.
Everything started off great. Leaving my shirt on was a good idea because by the time Thomas got all the buttons undone he was nearly panting to get to some skin, so he stood up on his knees and ripped his own shirt over his head. He was so forceful when he did it that his hand hit the flat, square shade on the overhead light and sent it flying across the room. I watched it go sailing as Thomas said, “Ohhhh shhhiiiittt!” Time had slowed down to a crawl, but as the shade hit the wall and shattered it stopped completely. We listened for the sound of one of the kids crying, but nothing happened. So we looked each other, then at the mess, and I said, “Fuck that! We’ll take care of it later!” And we were back in the race just like that.
Things progressed the way they normally do. I did this and he did that. You know how it works and this isn’t a porn blog. Freakin’ pervs. Things were getting pretty heated, had just gotten started really, and we were at the foot of the bed. Next thing you know, we heard this chuckle! We turned around and there was Tripp, standing by the bed. Apparently he thought I was playing the crawling game, which is one of his favorites. It always makes him laugh!
Thomas jumped up to turn off the light, but had to sidestep to avoid all the broken glass. I lunged for the sheets, then flipped Tripp’s feet out from under him. In a few seconds, the lights were off and Tripp was lying down with his pacifier in his mouth. We waited for him to fall back to sleep. And waited. Thomas got tired of waiting, so he started messing with me again. I wasn’t having that! All the moving around from fighting him off, coupled with the giggles I couldn’t stifle, caused Tripp to start trying to get up again. I pushed Thomas off one final time and pushed Tripp back down onto his back. And waited. After a few minutes he was sleeping again, so I turned back to Thomas.
We were at it again, trying not to make too much noise and trying not to shake the bed too much. Just as I was starting to really enjoy it, Tessa knocked on the door. Then she started trying to open it! Thankfully I had the fore-thought to tell Thomas to put the nightstand in front of the door, so she couldn’t get in. But all the knocking and her shrill little voice calling us woke Tripp up again. Thomas told Tess to get back in bed and we would be there in a few minutes, and I laid Tripp down again. This time he wasn’t going back to sleep though.

Thomas got dressed and went to see what Tessa wanted. I heard him talking to her about waking up her brother and that if our door is “locked” to go away. After a little while, he came back to the room and started picking up the broken glass. I asked him what the hell he was doing, to just leave it because it was making too much noise. He was worried about us stepping on it though, and wouldn’t listen to me. When he was finished, he put the nightstand at the end of Tripp’s mattress to block him in, then he suggested that we continue in the bathroom.
We went in there, and I wondered out loud if there was a way to dim the lights. He told me that he loves the way I look and to not worry about it. We were trying to get started again when Tripp started crying from the bedroom. The bathroom is right next door, and the walls are super thin, so it was really distracting. Thomas said just forget about it and went to the living room. I got dressed and put Tripp in our bed to get him to sleep. Thomas came back to the room after a while and got in bed. Tripp was still awake. I asked him if he finished things while he was in the living room, but he was shocked! So he spent the night being pissed off because he didn’t finish. I do feel bad for him. I got mine early on, but he just got teased in a bad way. He said that it was going to cause him to have a bad day. I know men can hurt if they don’t finish. So why didn’t he just take care of it himself?

Tonight we’ll try to pick up where we left off, but honestly? I’m tired tonight and I don’t want to! But I will. And so help me God, that man will get his happy ending this time.